User's Instructions
  1. Login using a valid email account
  2. Choose "New Assignment" and use a Label for your assignment
  3. You will enter into the assessment session and where the hazards are divided into 6 main categories of hazards (Ergonomics, Physical, Safety, Biological, Chemical, Psychosocial)
  4. Choose a category of hazard e.g., Ergonomics
  5. Choose a subject e.g., Chair
  6. Choose a hazard e.g., Non-Ergonomic Chair
  7. Under the hazard you will find the potential impacts related to the selected hazard, the required measures and the optional measures
  8. For each measure, required or optional e.g., Stable (recommended to have a five-star base) evaluate the Risk (Low, Medium or High) according to the given guidelines
  9. Denote with "Yes" if it is an existing measure or "No" if it is not
  10. Press "Save Answer"
  11. You have to complete answering of all the categories and the subjects under them, in order to get the final "Report" and then proceed with the implementation of additional protective and preventive measures, enhancing the elimination of occupational accidents and diseases during teleworking.